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Climate Change

Innovative and forward thinking projects/programs that 1) reduce/mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapt to the adverse effects of climate change on public health and our vast natural resources; and 2) provide economic and business-related benefits.

  • Automobile Dealer Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Promotion Subcategory - Example of California automobile dealership or dealer group that has made significant efforts in the sale of ZEVs, including sales volume, outreach, supporting customers during and after the sale of ZEVs, and creating a greener dealership.

Ecosystem & Land Use Stewardship

Innovative and sustainable approaches to land, water and resource management that restore or protect natural conditions, functions and processes, and provide economic, social and environmental benefits including productivity and sustainability of forests, farms or other natural resource lands, or conservation of open spaces. Examples of ecosystem services related to agriculture can be found on the California Department of Agriculture’s website.

Environmental Education

Unique and exemplary educational programs that raise awareness of, and involvement in, environmental issues. Applicants with programs for K-12 students must submit standards-aligned curriculum materials and/or delineate web-based, standards-aligned curriculum materials.

Sustainable Practices, Communities or Facilities

Pioneering efforts and/or completed projects that demonstrate 1) efforts to integrate environmental values and conservation of natural resources into comprehensive, long-term and management of businesses and facilities; or 2) effective project design or development of local communities and landscapes that make efficient use of land, which includes multimodal transportation options and connectivity, improved economic vitality, the availability of affordable housing, the protection of public health and safety, optimized energy efficiency and the conservation of local watersheds, habitats and other sensitive lands.

Waste Reduction

Exemplary achievements in conserving and protecting natural resources and reducing costs by incorporating efforts such as waste prevention, reuse, recycling, composting, environmentally-preferable purchasing and product design, and stewardship.